Work & Money

  1. Money is the single most entity we need for almost everything we want in our life.
  2. There are several fields and levels of work we do for living. Some people choose employment, some do business and some do the both. What we do for living have a great impact on our life and lifestyle.
  3. No matter how small our earnings are, there is always a way to live a happier life with exactly what we earn. If we look around there are millions of other people living with much less money we earn.
  4. A simple training can add a lot to your income. I have a friend who works as a trainee accountant. He has trained as a security officer and registered with several security agencies. Whenever he needs extra money he just calls them for a weekend job. It really makes a difference for him.
  5. A job-related training can add to your potentiality. Recognise your interests and find for a course that suits your interest and market demand.
  6. It might seem odd to say it here but the fact is that, work or job opportunities for the people largely depend on the corresponding government.
  7. Government and Politics define and represent our home affairs, foreign affairs and security. Hence politics and government largely impact our daily life. It’s every citizen’s responsibility to keep an eye on politics. After all, this is our government policies that define our future and fortune.
  8. We depend on Banks to keep and organize our money in a safe and effective way. We must keep ourselves well informed about our banking systems.
  9. Try to avoid loans. Loans may rescue us from one problem, but bring more problems to our life afterwards.
  10. We should try to control all our spending to the extent that we will still be left with some money to save for the future.

If you have a wonderful experience about work and/or money please share it in comments section at the bottom of this page.

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