Simple Life

With thousands of pressure and media bombardment we feel that our life is complex. But how complex the life really is? In fact it’s all about:

    1. Food is the first thing we need for life.
    2. Usually we don’t care about what combination of food we are eating each day. But, food has a great impact on our body and mind and worth attention.
    3. We should eat balanced food each day. Try to follow the food pyramid. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, some whole grains and fibre, a little bit of dairy, a little bit of meat, and very little sugar everyday.
    4. Avoid junk food, or the food that can accumulate fat, as much as we can.
    1. Money is the single most entity we need for almost everything we want in our life.
    2. There are several fields and levels of work we do for living. Some people choose employment, some do business and some do the both. What we do for living have a great impact on our life and lifestyle.
    3. No matter how small our earnings are, there is always a way to live a happier life with exactly what we earn. If we look around there are millions of other people living with much less money we earn.
    4. A simple training can add a lot to your income. I have a friend who works as an accountant. He has trained as a security officer and registered with several security agencies. Whenever he needs extra money he just calls them for a weekend job. It really makes a difference for him.
    5. A job-related training can add to your potentiality. Recognise your interests and find for a course that suits your interest and market demand.
    6. It might seem odd to say it here but the fact is that, work or job opportunities for the people largely depend on the corresponding government.
    7. Government and Politics define and represent our home affairs, foreign affairs and security. Hence politics and government largely impact our daily life. It’s every citizen’s responsibility to keep an eye on politics. After all, this is our government policies that define our future and fortune.
    8. We depend on Banks to keep and organize our money in a safe and effective way. We must keep ourselves well informed about our banking systems.
    9. Try to avoid loans. Loans may rescue us from one problem, but bring more problems to our life afterwards.
    10. We should try to control all our spending to the extent that we will still be left with some money to save for the future.
    1. For anything, from a needle to a luxury car, we need shopping. In fact for some people shopping means everything in their life.
    2. We shouldn’t be stressing ourselves on the pursuit of accumulating everything we want. Keeping our wishes short is a road to simple and happy life.
    3. Nobody can say that they have everything they want. Human desire is unlimited. There is always a gap between our wish and ability. But, most of the time, we can live a happy life with exactly what we already have.
    4. Before we buy a new one, we should think to clear up the old one. If you think that you cannot or should not leave the old one, don’t buy a new one.
    5. People relate their possessions with prestige. The whole idea is a total delusion. Sometimes we think that we have to posses certain expensive paintings or antiques or maybe cloths or car to add to our prestige. But, it doesn’t really add any remarkable advantage in our day to day life. We can serve our needs easily, but it’s not easy to serve this never-ending prestige.
    6. Unnecessary spending is bad in every way. It not only affects our economy but also in turn the environment.
    7. Shop wisely. Do you?
    1. "There's no place like Home."
    2. Always keep your house and its surroundings tidy and clean. Decorate and redecorate your rooms, kitchen, garden and storage.
    3. Develop a nit and tidy culture among every member in your home.
    4. Restrain from buying unnecessary things at home. The more we increase our possession the more clutter we will have in our home. Whether we understand that or not it has an impact on our daily life. For example, my younger brother bought an expansive bi-cycle long ago. He was in no need to buy the bi-cycle though, he rarely used it. Whenever he sees it now, he just feels a kind of sad and guilty. His guilt eats away at his inner, mental peace.
    5. We are often emotionally attached to our possessions. This attachment goes beyond our need and we find it difficult to let it go. If you have something you are not using, clear it up. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. By cleaning out and simplifying our outer space, our inner space will open up like a flower.
    6. We don’t need a big house or luxury house to live a happy life. Rather, we should organize and keep everything in place at all time, so that we can connect with our house mentally and feel good at home.
    1. Education & Learning is the core to any other lively things. What knowledge and education a person possess define their work and career which in turn affects all other lively matters; concrete (food, money, shopping, accommodation) and abstract (fame, power, respect).
    2. Plan for your education and training. Find out which things you like to learn. Search for the courses you can do to increase your potentiality.
    3. Besides increasing our potentiality, learning new things makes us confident and happier internally.
    4. Education and learning is a never ending process. Keep yourself informed about the latest development and trend in your field. By the blessings of Google, Wikipedia and Youtube it’s just a matter of wish and a click to learn new things.
    5. Share your concerns and ideas with your peers and colleagues.
    1. Health is the core to our happiness. There’s nothing better then a healthy body and mind. If you have it, you are lucky.
    3. Restrain from bad habits like drinking, smoking and drugs.
    4. In any bad health condition, don’t get upset or frustrated. A strong mind strengthens our immune system and fights the disease naturally. Our immune system is set to fight any disease naturally.
    5. Don’t take any MEDICINE without doctor’s prescription even if you have a previous experience of similar health condition. The diseases we fight usually find a way to shield themselves from the treatment we previously took. To counter that doctors usually change the course of treatment. So, don’t take any MEDICINE without doctor’s prescription.
    6. In my personal opinion alternative treatments are more preferable then conventional medication. If you have a bad health condition its better to look for an alternative treatment which would be more or less natural and/or organic. Most important difference is, unlike conventional medications, alternative treatments are usually environment friendly and free of any side effect.
    1. Leisure & Entertainment or recreation is a kind of food for our mind and soul. As our body cannot survive without regular food, our mind dies without REGULAR recreation.
    2. Without a healthy mind we can’t really behave like a normal human being. If you discover that your behave is becoming a bit harsh to others, cannot put concentration at work, getting a bad health condition or getting disappointed on everything; its possible that you are not taking proper care of your mind and soul.
    3. Find out your hobbies. Find out what is a fun for you to do. You can engage with them in your leisure time.
    4. For a recreation it’s not always necessary that we have to take an expensive way; take a long holiday, visit foreign tourist attractions. No, instead we can arrange a day out with our family members, decorate our house, watch funny programs on TV, have a laugh with our friends, participate in local events and take a time to update with the local and international news. These small things are more important then the big budget holidays.
    5. Any sort of game that involves physical effort like football, tennis, cricket etc. can be a good form of recreation.
    6. Avoid some form of recreation like gambling as much as you can. They cannot bring peace in mind in a long run, rather bring distraction.
    1. A basic desire for every adult heart is love; to love, to be loved.
    2. Love shouldn’t come out of physical need only. We should think what kind of person we can feel connected with in the first place. We should ask ourselves what personal quality (like compassionate, understanding, organized, educated), what physical quality (like height, complexion, body type), what economical position and what future plan/goal (regarding children, work, location) our potential partner Must Have. We should write those answers down. When we have that document in our hand, we are ready to find our partner. If we develop any relation without that document in consideration, it’s highly likely that the relationship will not last and end up with a disappointment.
    3. We should not play trial and error process in our relation. We should be specific about what we want in our partner. If "No Smoking" is a quality in your Must Have list, don’t delay up to 4th or 5th date to ask about it. You or the other side may get emotionally attached by this time and end up with an inappropriate relation or disappointments.
    4. Breaking up a relation demoralizes us internally. It breaks our mental peace and disrupts normal life. So we should be careful and take necessary time before we really associate ourselves emotionally.
    5. It is recommended by relationship experts not to have sex during our dating and selection process unless we are okay with being emotionally bound to that person or having that person be emotionally bound to us. Having sex without any established commitment demoralizes us internally. It can destabilise our heart, mind and soul and interrupt our normal life.
    6. If your partner is insisting you for having sex against your honest will, just don’t do that. You may think to show yourself up, or feel compassionate or may think your relationship may break up and at the end bend on that demand; you are just risking your dignity and mental peace. A good partner will have respect to your feelings.
    7. Mutual caring, sharing and respect are the core to any relation. It’s a two-way process. You should make sure you are doing your part of the job.
    8. Giving too much love initially and stopping in a sudden makes other side disappointed. For example, if you phone your partner every time you reach in your workplace from the beginning, sudden end in doing so can make your partner disappointed. So notice your approaches and keep a balance.
    1. Friends, Family and Neighbours are our primary source of inspiration. What we did, what we do and what we will be doing in our life are very much affected by the people we have a connection with.
    2. We, who are luckier, get accustomed with motherly love from the beginning of our life; an incomparable love that resides in our heart forever and guides our life throughout. Up to a certain age this love alone feed our heart and keeps us moving.
    3. Then we get love from other members in our home and neighbourhood.
    4. Anybody who loves us gives us inspiration and spirit of life, deserves our love, care and attention. We owe them that love, care and attention and can get a great peace in our mind by fulfilling them.
    5. We need to have good friends. Have fun with them, spend time with them, listen to them, and talk to them, but make sure you steer away from gossip and slander. As long as you keep yourself free from negative talk, being with people satisfies the heart and soul.
    6. Nobody in this world is perfect. Not you not me not any of us is perfect. All we should do is to try our best to become a better person. Always avoid the things that create problems or cause disturbances for others. Sometimes we should accept our nearest one the way they are. If all of us can think this way the world would become a better place for all of us.

And that’s it! Apart from other abstract things like fame and power, there’s nothing more in life.

The biggest truth on earth is that we are alive and one day we have to die (though everybody wants to ignore that ). Well, some people say that the ultimate reason of life is serving self/people/planet earth/God and this is where the real satisfaction lies.

Different people put emphasis on different things. For some people, their work means everything to them while others feel the same for their friends and family; and for some others its love and entertainment. But, for a happier life we should put a good balance of emphasis on all of these lively matters.

What is your thought about life? If you want to share your views, thoughts and experiences, please write it in the comments section at the bottom of this page.



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