1. For anything, from a needle to a luxury car, we need shopping. In fact for some people shopping means everything in their life.
  2. We shouldn’t be stressing ourselves on the pursuit of accumulating everything we want. Keeping our wishes short is a road to simple and happy life.
  3. Nobody can say that they have everything they want. Human desire is unlimited. There is always a gap between our wish and ability. But, most of the time, we can live a happy life with exactly what we already have.
  4. Before we buy a new one, we should think to clear up the old one. If you think that you cannot or should not leave the old one, don’t buy a new one.
  5. People relate their possessions with prestige. The whole idea is a total delusion. Sometimes we think that we have to possess certain expensive paintings or antiques or maybe cloths or car to add to our prestige. But, it doesn’t really add any remarkable advantage in our day to day life. We can serve our needs easily, but it’s not easy to serve this never-ending prestige.
  6. Unnecessary spending is bad in every way. It not only affects our economy but also in turn the environment.
  7. Shop wisely. Do you?

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