Serving God

All major religions give a perception of God, who created everything in this universe and who people must serve. According to all major religion, serving god means praying to god (performing certain rituals), and serving God’s creatures through charity, voluntary work and campaign. All major religions provide guidance on how to behave, how to best serve the society and humankind. Either we believe in religion or not, most of those guides are proven way for a peaceful life.

All religions teach us respect and tolerance to others in the first place. All religions say "use as much as you basically need, not as much as you have or as much as you can acquire. And save the rest for the future [generations]". These teachings are basic and universal for humankind. It’s a shame that people usually ignore the basic structure of life taught by divine religions and fight with rare and exceptional clauses.

If we think positive and rather looking at the differences, if we look for the common ground and common interest in all of our conducts, this world would be a better place to live.

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