1. A basic desire for every adult heart is love; to love, to be loved.
  2. Love shouldn’t come out of physical need only. We should think what kind of person we can feel connected with in the first place. We should ask ourselves what personal quality (like compassionate, understanding, organized, educated), what physical quality (like height, complexion, body type), what economical position and what future plan/goal (regarding children, work, location) our potential partner Must Have. We should write those answers down. When we have that document in our hand, we are ready to find our partner. If we develop any relation without that document in consideration, it’s highly likely that the relationship will not last and end up with a disappointment.
  3. We should not play trial and error process in our relation. We should be specific about what we want in our partner. If "No Smoking" is a quality in your Must Have list, don’t delay up to 4th or 5th date to ask about it. You or the other side may get emotionally attached by this time and end up with an inappropriate relation or disappointments.
  4. Breaking up a relation demoralizes us internally. It breaks our mental peace and disrupts normal life. So we should be careful and take necessary time before we really associate ourselves emotionally.
  5. It is recommended by relationship experts not to have sex during our dating and selection process unless we are okay with being emotionally bound to that person or having that person be emotionally bound to us. Having sex without any established commitment demoralizes us internally. It can destabilise our heart, mind and soul and interrupt our normal life.
  6. If your partner is insisting you for having sex against your honest will, just don’t do that. You may think to show yourself up, or feel compassionate or may think your relationship may break up and at the end bend on that demand; you are just risking your dignity and mental peace. A good partner will have respect to your feelings.
  7. Mutual caring, sharing and respect are the core to any relation. It’s a two-way process. You should make sure you are doing your part of the job.
  8. Giving too much love initially and stopping in a sudden makes other side disappointed. For example, if you phone your partner every time you reach in your workplace from the beginning, sudden end in doing so can make your partner disappointed. So notice your approaches and keep a balance.

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