Leisure & Entertainment

  1. Leisure & Entertainment or recreation is a kind of food for our mind and soul. As our body cannot survive without regular food, our mind dies without REGULAR recreation.
  2. Without a healthy mind we can’t really behave like a normal human being. If you discover that your behave is becoming a bit harsh to others, cannot put concentration at work, getting a bad health condition or getting disappointed on everything; its possible that you are not taking proper care of your mind and soul.
  3. Find out your hobbies. Find out what is a fun for you to do. You can engage with them in your leisure time.
  4. For a recreation it’s not always necessary that we have to take an expensive way; take a long holiday, visit foreign tourist attractions. No, instead we can arrange a day out with our family members, decorate our house, watch funny programs on TV, have a laugh with our friends, participate in local events and take a time to update with the local and international news. These small things are more important then the big budget holidays.
  5. Any sort of game that involves physical effort like football, tennis, cricket etc. can be a good form of recreation.
  6. Avoid some form of recreation like gambling as much as you can. They cannot bring peace in mind in a long run, rather bring distraction.

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